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discover the joy of sharing the ultimate sign of eternal love

how deep is your love?

about en sof

When you advance in grasping the wonder we call our life, you realize at some point that it is the basics that really matter: trust, joy, friendship, love. In my desire to find a universal symbol for these core elements of our existence I discovered en sof – an ancient sign for the eternal.

I decided to create a quality selection of fine jewelry that settles for nothing less then 18k gold. To wrap things up in the most beautiful way German-Kurdish artist Akololo created a series of paintings that express the endless variety of meanings enclosed in this beautiful symbol.

I wish that everybody finds their very personal meaning in en sof and shares it with those special to him/her. Make it your symbol of never ending love!

discover our beautiful jewelry in different sizes and colors

all en sof jewelry is made of 18k gold – handmade in the EU Verstanden